World of books for Probus


FORFAR Probus Club recently welcomed Aileen Roger to a meeting to give a talk called ‘Reading Between the Lines’ about her work as a librarian in Forfar Library.

Aileen gave a short history of the library and told members that in 1795 Forfar became the fourth library in Scotland.

She started her career in 1974 following an interview by the late Ernie Mann, who was known to many of the members present. Aileen had a few amusing stories to tell of her working relationship with Ernie and his dog who shared his office.

In 1988, the library moved from the Meffan Institute into the then vacant Wm. Low shop adjacent to the Post Office; it must have been a massive move as it now houses some 40,000 books and welcomes 350 to 400 people each day who don’t just go in to borrow books but participate in a variety of other activities.

In her closing remarks Aileen wished that she could have Ernie Mann back, just for a day, to let him see how the library was working within the community.

Then a short quiz, made up by Aileen, was distributed to the members and was well received.