Well-attended Kirriemuir wargames annual meeting

Kirriemuir Wargames Club members held their annual general meeting in the Guide Halls, Kirriemuir, at the weekend.

With twenty-seven present this was the best attended a.g.m. in 27 years.

The treasurer, secretary’s and chairman’s reports were almost universally upbeat.

The chairman did regret the loss of several prominent members earlier in the year but the subsequent upsurge in membership was a great boost in confidence to all in the club, with new enthusiasts from Brechin, Letham, Laurencekirk, Blairgowrie and, of course, Kirriemuir.

The club’s annual show TARGE continues on an upward spiral with expansions in the display areas and traders.

The organiser reported that all of the available trading space has already been provisionally booked for TARGE 2012 on November 10.

The surplus from TARGE 2011 allowed the club to make donations to Combat Stress, the Crann Tara sponsored walk for three charities, Kirriemuir Daycare Centre and Kirriemuir Friends of Guiding, totalling £560.00.

The chairman thanked the treasurer, secretary and the committee for their work over the year and looked forward to Kirriemuir Wargames Club making a very positive contribution to the hobby in 2012.

The following office bearers were elected:-

Chairman, Dale Smith, Kirriemuir; secretary, Steve Rimmer, Perth; treasurer, Steve Shaw, Kirriemuir; website manager, Ross Paterson, Coupar Angus; web assistant and forum, Kevin Findlay, Letham; games organiser, Ian Fergus, Fern; junior rep, Archie Yates, Dundee

Committee - Roger Donaldson, Perth; Charles Grant, Bankfoot; Jimmy McGinley, Blairgowrie; Stefan Jelks, Kirriemuir; Neil McGregor, Kirriemuir.

TARGE committee - organiser, Dale Smith, Kirriemuir; door/admissions/security, Steve Shaw, Kirriemuir; bring and buy, Steve Rimmer, Perth; competitions, Grahame Paterson, Coupar Angus.

There was a good variety of games running for the day, with a significant show of strength from the science fiction and fantasy section of the club.

Several Urban War tables were evident, as well as Warhammer fantasy, Warhammer 40K and a couple of attractive board games.

There were two tables from the historical section. A 28mm tank battle set in 1945 in a heavily wooded area southeast of Berlin and one from the Wars of the Roses with hundreds of beautiful 28mm figures from Steve Rimmer’s collection.

Anyone who would like more information about the club can telephone Kirriemuir (01575) 574128 any evening and/or can access the basic part of the club website www.kirriemuirwargames.co.uk