Tales of the desert at Kirrie Probus

Guest speaker at Kirriemuir Probus Club’s latest meeting was Caroline Richmond from Kilry.

Introduced by President Ted Williams, Caroline talked about ‘The Jordan Desert Challenge’ she had set herself recently, having seen a newspaper article about the Charity Event Walk, a cross-country hike from The Dead Sea to Petra in Jordan.

Having raised the necessary funds to take part, with the excess going to the four participating Childrens’ Charities, Caroline completed the 100 KM trek, over rough terrain, in four days.

Illustrating her account with photographs she took at the time, she explained that the group of forty included a doctor, a European guide, a representative of the Charities, plus six local guides who looked after the camp sites, trucked gear to the next site and prepared food.

Dehydration was a problem in the extremely high temperatures of the desert and flash flooding was a danger, but Caroline, who had previous experience of travelling to desert &and Arab states, safely completed her walk along with the rest of her group, including a very fit 83 year old.

President Ted thanked Caroline for an excellent off-the-cuff talk and reminded members of the next meeting on Wednesday, March 21 when John Beaton will speak on ‘Spaced Out at NASA’.