Study to help Angus rural services

Pictured are members of the Angus Financial Inclusion Partnership.
Pictured are members of the Angus Financial Inclusion Partnership.

An Angus agency is looking at different ways to remove financial barriers faced by rural residents when accessing advice services within the county.

The Angus Financial Inclusion Partnership (AFIP) recently received a £4000 award from the Angus LEADER programme, via Angus Citizens Advice Bureau, to help carry out a rural advice feasibility study.

AFIP has been developing closer relationships between the council, health and the voluntary sectors to develop and deliver support services that help people in Angus overcome issues caused by financial exclusion.

This applied particularly to people in more rural parts of the county who additional costs when accessing services, as well as the challenges they face as a result of continuing welfare reforms.

Kathy Anderson, from Angus CAB and AFIP chairwoman said: “This research has looked at the need for advice services across rural Angus and has identified possible options for providing accessible services to all residents.

“We hope that the group will now be able to take some of the recommendations forwards and improve services for local residents”

Angus LEADER Local Action Group (LAG), comprising of representatives from local communities, businesses and organisations with an interest in rural development, meets quarterly to approve LEADER grants.

Angus LAG LEADER 2014 -2020 rural development programme is part-funded by the Scottish Government and the European Community and aims to improve the quality of life and prosperity in rural communities through locally driven initiatives and projects.

The group oversees a grant fund of approximately £2 million and assesses and recommends projects for approval based on the delivery of the outcomes of the Local Development Strategy.