Storytelling Saturday

As the school holidays draw to an end, Pictavia is all set to hold one of its popular Storytelling Saturdays.

From 2 pm until 4 pm on this Saturday, a Pictish storyteller will recount spellbinding tales from the days when Angus was home to the Picts, the tribe who inhabited north and east Scotland almost two thousand years ago.

“As well as being fearsome warriors, the Picts were fabulous storytellers and their tales of magic, battles, love and adventure were handed down from generation to generation,” said Cara Roberts of Pictavia, which is on the outskirts of Brechin, just off the A90.

“Our storyteller has inherited her Pictish ancestors’ love of stories and knows some wonderful Pictish myths, legends and fairy stories.

“She also knows the meanings behind many of the Pictish symbols, which she’ll be only too happy to paint onto the faces and arms of visiting children – ensuring they’ve no shortage of things to say or write when their teacher asks them what they did in the holidays!”

Normal admission fees apply, no booking necessary. For more information, call 01356 626241 or visit