Sporting yesteryear

40 years ago

ON SATURDAY, the Athletic face the toughest test of the season so far when they play hosts to the Second Division leaders, Stirling Albion, and, although Manager Alan Kennedy is in no doubt about the challenge his players will face, he is confident that they can get a good result - if the crowd gives the Loons plenty of encouragement.

“I would ask the Forfar supporters to cheer their team rather than criticise them,” he said.

One good Omen for the team is that all the players should be fit.

Alan Sutherland, who has been out of action on doctor’s orders for the past two weeks, made a comeback against Dundee United on Monday night, as did Ian Stewart, who may be on the substitutes bench on Saturday.

New Signing Jim Kyles will probably be called in to add some punch up front on the day of the match.

30 years ago

A COACH full of swimmers and club officials set off for Brechin High School on Friday for a friendly swimming contest between the Brechin Beavers and the Forfar Amateur Swimming Club.

There was plenty of energy on the day and the teams were very evenly matched resulting in an exciting competition which involved some incredibly close finishes.

Some of the younger swimmers were representing the club for the first time but they performed with great enthusiasm.

All swimmers were excellent at the contest and all who attended had a brilliant time with the final result standing at an impressive 504 points for the Brechin Beavers and a very close but equally impressive 494 points for the Forfar Amateur Swimming Club.

20 years ago

A POTATO merchant flew the flag for Forfar in the Lombard RAC Rally last week.

Richard Moore conquered the energy-sapping four-day event to finish 72nd overall in the rally.

As a result, he took seventh place in Group A, the under 1300cc Class, with his Opel Corsa which was ready for the track on Saturday.

But the Forfar flier had to overcome several obstacles to complete the gruelling race.

“I almost wrote the Opel Corsa off at Donnington Park on the first day of the rally,” commented Richard.

The Corsa was quite badly damaged during the race but somehow the team at the RAC Rally managed to fit a new suspension to the vehicle in the allowed time of only 40 minutes.

The car, surprisingly, was still in one piece at the end of the rally and Richard was “very pleased” with his achievement at gaining seventh place.