Sporting yesteryear

40 years ago

THE 55 Car Club are holding their annual Hackle Rally on Saturday.

Starting in Stonehaven and finishing off in Perth, competitors will have a one hour wait in Forfar, the control being situated in the East Greens Car Park, with the first cars set to be due in just before midday.

The rally, which is a qualifying round in both the RAC British Rally Championship and the Shell Scottish Rally Championship, has attracted a top-class entry of just over 100 rally cars.

The route is impressive and hard going at over 200 miles long and runs through forest roads, totalling approximately 75 miles.

You can see all of the cars heading out on their rally just seven miles from Forfar on the Montrose Road at roughly 1.30 p.m.

Spectators are reminded not to park their vehicles at the side of the road when the rally is set to take place.

30 years ago

Despite the scoreline at the Rugby, Strathmore put up quite a good display against a fifteen from a higher division on Saturday.

They battled away in the first half, finding themselves trailing by ten points to three at the turn round.

Ian Patterson scored the points for Strathmore with a penalty goal while Nicol scored a try and Clark two penalties for the home side.

Strathie continued to play very well within themselves in the second period of the game and it was just a little while on before the Dundee side scored another try.

The score apart, the good hearty performance will set Strathmore up with a good chance at the Rugby game at Wigtonshire at Inchmacoble next weekend.

20 years ago

LETHAM lost their fight for silverware at Station Park on Saturday.

They went down in a seven goal thriller to Barnhill in the Midlands First Division Tay Valley Shield Final.

Barnhill started the game in a whirlwind fashion and they immediately had Letham under pressure which paid off with only ten minutes on the clock.

A quick break had the Letham defence in a muddle allowing a Barnhill forward to get first to a cross and head home.

Letham came back into the game and had most of the play as the half progressed.

But they were unable to break down the Barnhill defence.

In fact, it was more likely to be the Dundee team who would score as they looked so strong on their break.

Letham struck first on the 60-minute mark to bring the teams level and Brian Flemming’s header flashed past the Dundee goalie.