Preparations begin

TARGE: Kirriemuir Wargames Club are gebinning their preparations for annual event.
TARGE: Kirriemuir Wargames Club are gebinning their preparations for annual event.

Kirriemuir Wargames Club has been a hive activity recently with regular events interspersed with less mundane activities.

In June the club displayed at the Wappinshaw in Glasgow with a Malifaux demonstration organized by Kevin Buchan, Neil McGregor and Stephen Pattulo assisted by six others from the club.

Later that month several members of the club were involved in the League of Gentlemen Wargamers all weekend World War II game. They were joined by other seasoned wargamers from SESWC in Edinburgh, the Iron Brigade from Aberdeenshire, several from the East Kilbride area and further travelled individuals from Grimsby and Orkney.

Normal club meetings continued in addition to the above and there was no letup during the holiday period either.

The highlight of the summer was Claymore in Edinburgh where, despite many folk being away on holiday or working, there was a good turnout of seventeen members at the display. This was run by Stephen Pattulo who kept things moving over the course of the day.

Retired brigadier Charles Grant, a prolific historical and wargames author with over thirty titles to his credit, demonstrated an eighteenth century Seven Years War game.

This is in fact a revamp of a set of rules written by his father over forty years ago. Charles’ dad, also Charles Grant, was one of the founding fathers of wargames in the 1960s with books and contributions to magazines and journals on a regular basis. All of these articles were gathered together for the first time and augmented and amended to reflect the last forty years of wargames experience.

Despite the updating these rules are still very firmly “old school” requiring very large units both for the cavalry and the infantry. The demonstration was very successful with five more members committing to the system for their Seven Years War games.

On one of the Friday evening meetings David Mathieson from Arbroath ran a Saga game, a relatively new system for replicating Dark Ages warfare with Saxons, Normans, Vikings, Welsh and Scots and other emerging nations of the period.

Richard Morrill from Scone will shortly introduce his early Dark Ages campaign with eight of the adult members signing up for this so far.

Preparations are underway for the club’s annual public exhibition TARGE 2012 which takes place in Websters High School on Saturday, November 10.

Members of the public can take part in any of the competitions for painting and modeling with over £800 worth of prizes up for grabs.

The club meets fortnightly in the Guide Halls, Kirriemuir on the second Friday evening of the month and the last Sunday of the month during the day.

For further details about any aspect of the club telephone 01575 574128 any evening or try the club website