Physiotherapy improvements

Steroid injection therapy continues to demonstrate a vast improvement for physiotherapy patients in Dundee and Angus.

Steroid injection therapy is used as a treatment option in many physiotherapy departments for those with musculoskeletal complaints for areas such as upper limbs or the shoulder area.

The ability to provide injection therapy enables shorter patient journeys, and reduced orthopaedic waiting lists, as the patient is seen by a physiotherapist from initial assessment to end of treatment without referral to a doctor or consultant for injection.

A recent evaluation showed that out of a total of 328 patients, 96% showed improvement with injection therapy, and 85% reported their pain to be at least 50% or better. In addition, 75% of patients said they felt ‘normal’ or ‘much better’ on their final assessment.

Janice McNee, NHS Tayside Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner, said: “A few years ago, the alternative treatment option would be referral to hospital orthopaedics or rheumatology departments for assessment for injections to be given into joints or soft tissues. This leads to increased hospital waiting lists.

“Physiotherapists in Dundee and Angus administer the appropriate medication via injection, enhancing patients’ quality of life by allowing them to return to work and enjoy their hobbies much more quickly.”