Meet the Romans

PICTAVIA, Land of the Picts, will become Land of the Romans this Saturday, when a band of Centurions from the Antonine Guard temporarily seize control of the popular visitor centre near Brechin.

The Centurions will be accompanied by their wives and, once they’re satisfied there are no marauding Picts in the vicinity, the Romans have informed Pictavia staff that they’ll be only too happy to chat to visitors about life in the Roman Army during the First Millenium.

“The Roman soldiers are keen to tell as many people as possible about being a member of the Antonine Guard and the perils of fighting the Picts, the warrior tribe who inhabited Angus almost two thousand years ago,” said Cara Roberts of Pictavia.

“I suspect their wives will be speaking about the practicalities of bringing up a family in a strange, cold land, constantly worrying that their husbands wouldn’t return from venturing into the wild and dangerous land we now call Scotland.”

The Roman Centurions will also be demonstrating the highly-effective battle tactics which helped them conquer swathes of Europe – but failed miserably against the fearsome Picts!

“The Centurions will let visitors try on items from their uniforms, just in case they want to sign up for the Antonine Guard,” said Cara, who added that there will also be chances to play Roman games, study the Roman artefacts the Centurions are bringing with them and test sword and shield skills using the Centurions’ ancient weapons.

“However, we do have a word of warning for visitors – do not allow the Romans to draw you into a battle! We’ve asked the Antonine Guard to be on their best behaviour while they’re at Pictavia but if they think there’s a Pictish infiltrator in the camp, they’ll stop at nothing to find them!”

Pictavia’s Meet The Romans event runs from 11 am until 4 pm on Saturday. Normal admission fees apply, no booking necessary.

For more information, call 01356 626241 or visit