Kirrie Feel Good festival poetry winners

Feel Good Festival.
Feel Good Festival.

The recent Kirriemuir Feel Good Festival included a poetry competition which was open to all ages.

We are delighted to print the two winning entries and congratulate the authors for their efforts.

The organisers thank all the entrants and the judges - Jan Natanson and Mary Macintosh.

The joint winners were 19-year-old Rebecca Stewart and 82-year-old Jim Smith.

Breathe and Live

Sinking too low, I whisper goodbye,

Can’t swim back up no matter how hard I try.

Silently, in my head, I scream,

Someone tell me what this life means.

I close my eyes, wipe away tears,

Giving in to all my fears.

There’s things I’ll miss, no need to lie,

Even with no one to hear my cry.

I’ve had enough of all this pain,

Tell me now, what’s left to gain?

But then a voice whispers my name

And suddenly I’m filled with shame.

I have so much I want to give

All I have to do is breathe and live.

By Rebecca Stewart


There’s lots of people going round with survey forms these days,

To ask folk if they like the place they live in,

They pose a dozen questions in a dozen different ways,

And write down all the answers they are given.

They feed all this information straight back to their HQ,

Where it’s scrutinised and analysed as well,

Then they put it in the papers for all of us to view,

With a list of all the best places to dwell.

The last list to be published mentioned Winchester in Hants,

With the Orkneys number two, I’m pretty sure,

But it’s obvious to me that they leave a lot to chance:

Those surveyors never come to Kirriemuir!

For if they did the outcome would take on a different hue,

When they’d heard the views of all the people here,

Once we told them all the good things there are to see and do,

They would get our feel-good message loud and clear.

There is so much here for children, to help them thrive and grow,

From play schools on to first-class education,

Plus Cubs and Guides and Boys Brigade and places they can go,

If drama is their favourite recreation.

The town is quite a treasure-house of unexpected gems:

A bronze statue of Bon Scott at Bellie’s Brae,

The old townhouse museum called The Gateway to the Glens,

And a ship up on the hill where children play.

The people help each other and help others everywhere,

With their work for charity second to none,

Swimming Splash, Relay for Life, and McMillan Cancer Care,

Have all benefitted hugely, every one.

A dementia-friendly garden and connection hub as well,

Are two new initiatives that make it clear,

That when it comes to caring for all those that are unwell,

Kirriemuir is in the forefront – not the rear.

To print the list of feel-good things would take me far too long,

Sports and pastimes, and leisure pursuits galore,

And festivals across the range of music, dance and song,

Keep the Kirrie folk contented to the core.

So come on with your questionnaires, and get your clip-boards out,

And ask us about life in this wee town,

And when you’ve done comparing us you’re going to hear us shout,

For we know we’re bound to lift the feel-good crown!

By Jim Smith