In my view

I have recently taken a liking for porridge in the mornings.

I was never one for overly enjoying breakfast but I find that porridge is the perfect kickstart first thing.

It is a very versatile food, you can top it with anything you fancy such as dry or fresh fruit, muesli, chocolate curls or my personal favourite, brown sugar.

I think some of us forget how important breakfast is as it can help give us the energy we need to face the day so why not try a bowl of wholegrain cereal such as porridge to provide you with a healthy start?

Some people skip breakfast because they think it will help them lose weight but missing meals does not help us lose weight and we then miss out on essential nutrients.

I now really appreciate my bowl of porridge at around 7 a.m. as it allows me to see the day through and still feel bright eyed and bushy tailed towards the evening.

I find porridge to be more beneficial than a cup of coffee for energy release.

Last week I was left in agony after a trip to the dentist and I could only manage porridge everyday for seven days, three times a day! I ended up spicing up my porridge with bananas, jam, oats and honey.

If you regularly skip breakfast, give porridge or a breakfast cereal of your choice a go for a week and see if you notice the difference.