Fairies in Angus

Regular visitors to the National Trust for Scotland’s House of Dun near Montrose already know the place is a little bit magical, but now there is proof that fairies have moved in.

Over the past few weeks, eagle-eyed younger visitors have been spotting fairies in all sorts of nooks and crannies, all over the stunning A listed Georgian country house.

Apparently, the fairies came to the house to be sold in the shop, but they quickly took flight and hid themselves all round the property.

Property manager John McKenna said: “The fairies obviously love it at House of Dun. They can feel that there is a touch of magic in the air. We need out younger visitors to help us keep track of the fairies and make sure that they don’t fly off into too much mischief.”

You still have a few days left to take part as the fairy hunt is under way everyday at the house throughout July from 11 am until 5 pm.