Body parts for speakers

President Edwin Petrie welcomed 14 members to the recent meeting of the Strathmore Speakers Club.

Helen Gordon-Wilson chaired the training session which consisted of three speeches followed by evaluations. She was assisted by Ted Williams in the role of timekeeper.

First to the lectern was Marion Wallace of Kirriemuir with a ‘mean what you say’ speech entitled ‘TBA’. Jim Gibb of Blairgowrie evaluated. Next was Hannah Williams who gave a ‘vocabulary and word pictures’ speech with the title ‘Air, Earth, Wind and Fire’. Her evaluator was Jim Smith. Third up was Douglas Wares with a ‘masterpiece’ speech entitled William Henry Bury. Bury had been found guilty of murdering his wife in 1889 and was the last man to be hanged in Dundee. In his evaluation David Howat said this was a very interesting speech in which Douglas had used his excellent voice and natural manner to advantage. Graham Carr of Alyth chaired the Topics Session and invited six members to speak for three minutes each at short notice on a part of their body which he allocated. Iain Orr bit into his ‘Teeth’; Jim Smith had a brush with his ‘Hair’; Edwin Petrie strode off on his long ‘Legs’; Bill Walker saw the light with his ‘Eyes’; Muriel Smith ran rings round her ‘Fingers’ and David Howat kept up the beat with his ‘Heart’. General evaluator Bob Stewart of Kirriemuir summed it up as a successful and enjoyable evening. More information on the club from Jim Smith on 01575 574435 or Jim Gibb on 01250 875262.