Annual speech competition success for Bill

The ANNUAL speech competition was the main feature of the most recent meeting of the Strathmore Speakers’ Club where Bill Walker was triumphant and David Affleck came a close second.

Bill, whose speech was entitled ‘And That’s A Fact’, will now go on to represent the club at the North Tay area heats in February. Jim Smith was chairman for the competition with Pamela Howat as timekeeper. Jim Gibb and Graham Carr were the judges.

Contestants had between six and eight minutes to discuss the subject of their choice.

Newest member Helen Fleming of Forfar was first with her ‘icebreaker’ speech in which she introduced herself to the members by recalling events throughout her life when she had been “On the wrong side of every door”.

David Howat of Blairgowrie came next with ‘A Game of Two ....’, his take on the game of football over the centuries.

Third to the lectern was Douglas Wares of Blairgowrie amusing his audience with a variety of recollections of forgetfulness in his speech entitled ‘Senior Moments ... Moi?’

Fourth up was Helen Gordon-Wilson of Blairgowrie tracing the slow rise to prominence of women in the professions under the title ‘The Professional Pendulum’.

Bill Walker was the fifth contestant, his speech ‘And That’s a Fact’ signalling a warning not to take things at face value or believe everything the advertisers tell you.

Last up was David Affleck of Kirriemuir with his speech ‘The Cost of Hot Water’ in which he described the therapeutic effects of a quiet interlude spent re-discovering the ‘New Scientist’ magazine in a well-known coffee shop.

Jim Gibb congratulated all of the contestants on their speeches and said it had been a close contest, but the judges felt that more attention could have been given to speech construction.

Also at the meeting, Bob Stewart and Denise McTaggart led the topics session where four members spoke for three minutes each on a particular Second World War battle.